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A one-of-a-kind therapy program which leads at-risk teenagers and youth through a journey of self exploration by using the magnitude of the elements of nature. 

Nature offers natural boundaries which force individuals to face physical, emotional and mental challenges. During the course of history, journeys in nature were considered a way to evolve from boy to man. The program uses those ancient values to empower and nourish teens and youth that are at a crucial intersection in their lives. They are in the process of taking responsibility for their actions, gathering tools for independence and experiencing success.

Enav believes in the power of activation. At-risk teenagers and youth are treated as equals to the mainstream. Enav operates various outdoor activities that encourage the youth to take action and be part of a group striving for success. 

Eco-encounter program:

  • Gives a feeling of success and achievement.
  • Strengthens self-confidence.
  • Improves social skills. 
  • Shortens the diagnosis time

The Eco-encounter program

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